Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists

What is MOSES?

The Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists is a professional employee union that represents the 3,400 technical, engineering and scientific employees of 29 different agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

MOSES members work in such areas as transportation, environmental protection, public health, public safety, occupational health and safety, and wage enforcement. MOSES also has more than 200 retirees among its active members.

Our Mission:

The Mission of MOSES is to carry out the functions directly related to the employees it represents, including Collective Bargaining in matters of:  Wages, work hours, betterment of working conditions, adjusting grievances and/or differences between employer and employee, and encouraging employee input and participation in all decisions and policies.

MOSES is committed to: Improving and maintaining the morale, technical abilities, and economic welfare of the technical, engineering and scientific personnel it represents, without regard to sex, race, color, or creed; promoting a recognition of the advantages gained by a cooperative effort between MOSES-represented employees and their employer to the mutual benefit of all the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.