Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists


Patrick Russell


617 367-2727
Thomas Prendergast
Vice President
Jessica Leger
Allen Bondeson
Nicholas DelVento
Christophen Dighton

Department of Transportation

Michael Epstein
Robert M. Fitzgerald
Brian J. Graziano

Department of Transportation

James J. Gibbs

Department of Environmental Protection

Michael McHugh

Department of Environmental Protection

B. Marie Cunningham
Paul K. Donohue
Legislative Director
Susan Mariano
Legal Services Coordinator
Mary J. Richards
Ron E. Stoner
Paul DiPetro

NameAgencyPhonePhone Ext.
Jason BenoitDept of Transportation(978) 257-4869
Nicholas DelventoDept of Transportation(617) 306-9759
Joseph DoucetteDept of Transportation
Bryan EngstromDept of Transportation
Michael EpsteinDept of Transportation(413) 582-0593
Adam G HoeyDept of Transportation(617) 224-2003
Paul J. KellyDept of Transportation(413) 582-0587
Louis LamoureuxDept of Transportation
Wilfred MorinDept of Transportation508-837-0608.
Laurene PolandDept of Transportation(857) 368-8821
Michael RappaDepartment of Transportation(781) 223-4062
Steve ReadyDept of Transportation(774) 292-2108
David CravottaMassachusetts Water Resources Authority
Patrick RussellMassachusetts Water Resources Authority(617) 305-5637
Cara SeamanMassachusetts Water Resources Authority(617) 660-7800
Michael StrangieMassachusetts Water Resources Authority(617) 660-7621

John BardzikDepartment of Environmental Protection(978) 242-1331
Joseph BellinoDepartment of Environmental Protection(508) 767-2709
Larry HansonDepartment of Environmental Protection(413) 755-2287
Mike HurleyDepartment of Environmental Protection(617) 292-5633
Philip MurphyDepartment of Environmental Protection(978) 694-3336
Elza BystromDepartment of Environmental Protection(617) 413-2711

Gail BienvenueDepartment of Public Health(617) 438-1466
Department of Public Health
William Callahan Department of Public Health (774) 452-5154
Kevin ShanahanOffice of the Attorney General(617) 963-2333
Huong PhanOffice of the Attorney General(617) 963-2308
Muhammad ChowdhuryDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(617) 626-1291
Darryl ForgioneDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(617) 719-2226
Michael GalvinDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(617) 626-1442
Jonathan PasqualeDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(508) 244-0681
Alex SmiglianiDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(617) 512-8415
Valenty SorokaDepartment of Conservation and Recreation(617) 626-4942

Robin LaceyEnergy and Environmental Affairs(617) 626-1220
James BirchDepartment of Public Utilities(857) 214-0189
Harold LeamingDepartment of Public Safety(617) 908-2933
Brian LoganDepartment of Public Safety(617) 686-3290
Jeffrey PutnamDepartment of Public Safety(617) 593-4822

Jessica BrownDepartment of State Police(508) 358-3289
Hannah KnowlesDepartment of State Police(857) 377-3016
Jessica Leger Department of State Police (774) 451-6977
Jennifer Montgomery Department of State Police
(978) 451-3805
Robert AndersonDepartment of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance(857) 204-1315
Travis HintonDepartment of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance(617) 727-110024103
Mary RichmondDepartment of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance(617) 727-4050211

Military Division
Steve Wagner Military Division

Thomas MulveyDept of Housing and Community Development(617) 573-8235

Vincent J. Malkoski JrDept of Fish and Game(508) 742-9758
Joanne Demers
MOSES Credit Union
978 276 0750 x316
Daniel McGillicuddy
Health & Welfare Trust