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Health and Welfare

The Massachusetts/MOSES Health and Welfare Trust manages the MOSES represented employees Dental and Optical benefits plans.  Every employee in a MOSES represented position is eligible to participate in one of the three available plans.  Coverage runs from January 1 to December 31 every year and there is an open enrollment period at the end of each year to allow plan members to change plans.

Informative Guidelines

Dental/optical reimbursement requests for services rendered during calendar year 2023 must be postmarked no later than June 30, 2024 in order to receive full reimbursement. Requests postmarked in July will be penalized 20%. Any request postmarked after July 31, 2024 will not be honored. Follow the instructions on the reimbursement form. You must answer all questions and provide all required information and attachments.

Submit your claim to:

Massachusetts/MOSES Health and Welfare Trust Fund
P.O. Box 582
Manomet, MA 02345

The Administrator of the Health and Welfare Trust is Daniel McGillicuddy.

You can reach him by mail at the above address, by email at: or by phone at 617-367-2727 x 326

If you did not receive a reimbursement form and think you are eligible for benefits, please call the MOSES Office (617) 367-2727. If you received a reimbursement form and need another one, also please call the MOSES Office (617) 367-2727

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Calendar Year 2023 Open Plan 

Calendar Year 2023 Closed Dental Plans

  • Altus Dental Plans
  • Optical Benefits with Altus Dental Plan and DeltaCare Plan (see plan listed below)


An employee, spouse and children are eligible for dental/optical coverage under one of the available plans after the employee completes two months employment in a MOSES represented position.  The age at which eligibility for children ends depends on the plan chosen; please refer to the different plans for additional information on this matter.

An employee may not have to wait two months for coverage if they enter a MOSES represented position from another public entity that offers dental/optical coverage provided there is a reciprocal agreement that waives the waiting period for MOSES represented employees that become employed by that public entity.  If you believe waiving of the waiting period for dental/optical benefits applies to you, please contact Tom Prendergast at

An employee also may not have to wait two months for coverage if they were laid-off from a MOSES represented title and is returning within 3 years of the layoff to a MOSES represented position. If this situation applies to you, contact Tom Prendergast at

​Under the Open Dental Plan, members can go to any legally qualified dental professional and be covered for dental work other than bleaching or similar services.  There is no co-insurance charge but there are limitations on reimbursements as described in the Plan Details.  Open Plan members are required to pay for services provided.  At the end of each plan year new reimbursement forms are sent to every eligible member and reimbursement forms are then submitted with copies of paid receipts to the Plan Administrator who reviews and processes the reimbursement requests and mails reimbursement checks to Plan members based on approved reimbursable expenses.

New employees are placed in the Open Plan unless they specifically request enrollment into one of the Closed Dental Plans.

Under the two available Closed Dental Plans, you must go to a dentist/orthodontist approved by the plan and be covered for dental work other than bleaching or similar services.  There is a co-insurance charge and are limitations on costs as described below.  Closed Plan members are also entitled to an optical reimbursement as described below.

Altus Dental Plans

There are approximately 5000 dental locations in Massachusetts that accept Altus Dental. There is a co-insurance charge of $2.00 per week for individual coverage, $6.00 per week for one + one coverage, and $11.00 per week for a family of 3 or more.  You must contact Tom Prendergast at if you wish to enroll in this plan.  If you choose Altus Dental, you are also eligible for optical benefits.  Please see the plan listed further down on this page. (Calendar Year 2023 Closed Plan Optical Details)

You may visit to find dentists that accept this plan. There are co-payments necessary for some services and some dental procedures are not covered. You may also contact Altus Dental with questions at (877) 223-0588.  If you do call, the MOSES Altus Dental Group number is 6005-0001.

View Details of the Altus Plans

DeltaCare Dental Plan There are approximately 750 dental locations in Massachusetts that accept the DeltaCare Dental plan. There is a co-insurance charge of $2.00 per week for individual coverage and $6.00 per week for family coverage. You must contact Tom Prendergast at if you wish to enroll in this plan. If you choose DeltaCare dental, you are also eligible for optical benefits.  

You may visit to find dentists that accept this plan. Make certain you follow all the leads to DeltaCare as the Delta site includes several other plans not provided by MOSES. You should call the dentist to make certain he/she is taking new patients.  There are co-payments necessary for some services and some dental procedures are not covered.  You may also contact DeltaCare with questions at (800) 327-6277. If you do call, the MOSES DeltaCare group number is 9790-8801.

View DeltaCare Dental Plan Details

List of DeltaCare Dentists

**select DeltaCare from search criteria**

Optical Benefits with Altus Dental or DeltaCare PlanIf you have chosen either Altus dental plans or the DeltaCare plan, you are also eligible for optical expense reimbursement as shown below.

COBRA Benefits

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) provides a procedure by which a former employee and/or ineligible dependent of a present employee may continue coverage, for a limited time, upon payment of an appropriate fee.

To receive benefits under COBRA you must apply in writing to:

Administrator Massachusetts/MOSES Health and Welfare Trust Fund
P.O.Box 582
Manomet, MA 02345

(Application must be made within 60 days of your eligibility for extended coverage, or the eligibility of your dependent(s) as detailed above)


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