Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists

Individual Appeal of Classification Filing Instructions

Employees interested in filing an appeal of classification should follow this procedure:

Appellants should complete the appeal form, which is available from their agency Personnel/Human Resources office.  You probably will not know the appropriation or position numbers for your job, so those spaces on the form should be left blank.  Make three copies and mail the original to:

DEP Employees:
John Busick, DEP
One Winter Street
Boston, MA  02108

MDOT Employees:
Director of Human Resources, MDOT
Ten Park Plaza
Boston, MA  02116

DCR Employees:

Laura Catalogna

Director of Human Resources, DCR
251 Causeway Street    Suite #600
Boston, MA  02114

DPH Employees:

Human Resources Specialist, DPH
600 Washington Street   7th Floor
Boston, MA  02111

Military Division Employees:
Marcia Hiatt
Personnel Officer
Military Division
50 Maple St
Milford, MA  01757

All other employees should find out who the Director of Human Resources or Personnel is in their agency and mail the original to that person.

A copy should be sent, Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested, to:

Director of Organizational Development/Civil Service Unit
Human Resources Division, Room 307
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA  02108

(Remember it is very important to save the Return Receipt Green Card)

Additionally, a copy should be sent by regular mail to:

90 North Washington Street, Suite #3
Boston, MA  02114

Appellants should be as general as possible in stating the reason(s) for the appeal.  For example, simply state that “The DPA specifications for Civil Engineer I (CE I) do not appropriately describe my current job responsibilities.  My current duties are more accurately described in the specifications for Civil Engineer II (CE II)”.  Appellants may receive a document entitled “Interview Guide”.  In filling out the Interview Guide it is important that appellants refer to the DPA Classification Specifications (Specs) for the job series they are dealing with.  Focusing on the differences in duties and responsibilities between one’s current classification and the classification sought will help the appellant in proving his/her case.

When the appellant receives the Interview Guide he/she should make a copy, fill out the copy and call a MOSES attorney, to review and discuss their responses.

Some agencies, MassDOT for example, have stopped sending out Interview guides.  However, they fill them out for you during what is called an “interview audit”.  DO NOT let the interviewer steer you into answers or percentages that are incorrect during this interview.  As this may occur, it is still a good idea to fill out an Interview Guide before you have your interview.

To obtain copies of either the DPA Classification Specifications or the Interview Guide please ask a Steward or call Susan Mariano at the MOSES office 1-617 367-2727 ext. 321, and she will send them to you.