Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists

Election Nominations

Nominations will close on October 11, 2022 at the General Membership Meeting at Anthony’s in Malden. If you plan to run for elected position(s) you will need to be nominated at or before the meeting on October 11th.

You may nominate yourself or a colleague. Members who are nominated by a colleague will be asked to verify if they are willing to serve if elected.

There are several ways nominations may be received. You can submit your nomination electronically, you can download a form – click here and email the completed document to the election committee at, or you can attend the general membership meeting either in person or via zoom.

The nominations are not the same as other motions in our parliamentary procedure. If being nominated by any of these methods, you do not need a second individual to confirm the nomination. Members may run for more than one position in an election cycle but may only serve in one position at a time.

Click here to submit a nomination