Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists

Results for MOSES Officers and Trustees Election 2022

Ballots were counted on December 1st, 2022.  Elected candidates are listed in Bold.  Direct any election related questions to


Patrick Russell (incumbent)


Thomas Prendergast (incumbent)


Jennifer Baker

Allen Bondeson (incumbent)

Paula Davison


Patrick Finn

Jessica Leger

Officers (35 positions in 13 voting groups)

Group 1 – Massachusetts Department of Transportation (12 positions)

Mark Brum (incumbent)

Nicholas DelVento (incumbent)

Christophen M. Dighton

Michael Epstein (incumbent)

Patrick Finn (incumbent)

Robert Fitzgerald (incumbent)

Brian Graziano

Carmen D. Ramirez (incumbent)

Steve Ready (incumbent)

Mark Spinale (incumbent)

JP Telemaque (incumbent)

Linda Walsh (incumbent)

Group 2 – Department of Environmental Protection (6 seats)

John J. Bardzik (incumbent)

Joshua Cook

Ellie Donovan (incumbent)

Joe Dorant (incumbent)

James J. Gibbs

Marrcus Henry

Michael M. Hurley (incumbent)

Will Mbah

Michael McHugh

Group 3 – Department of Public Health (3 seats)

Felicia Balbi

B. Marie Cunningham (incumbent)

Karen Farris (incumbent)

Michael Farris

Elisabeth O’Brien (incumbent)

Group 4 – Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (3 seats)

Michael Flynn

David Gottshall (incumbent)

Cara Seaman (incumbent)

Michael Strangie (incumbent)

Group 5 – Office of the Attorney General and Department of Labor (1 seat)

Lou Penella (incumbent)

Group 6 – Department of Fish and Game (1 seat)


Group 7 – Department of Conservation and Recreation, Department of Environmental Affairs, Division of Energy Resources, and Department of Agricultural Resources (3 seats)

Paula Davison (incumbent)

Darryl A. Forgione (incumbent)

Michael Galvin

Michael Luibil (incumbent)

Group 8 – Department of Public Safety, Department of State Police, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and Department of Fire Services (1 seat)

Jessica Brown

John Jarvis

Jessica Leger (incumbent)

Group 9 – Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services, Chelsea Soldier’s Home, Executive Offices of Health and Human Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commision (1 seat)

Gerald P. McCullough (incumbent)

Group 10 – Executive Office of Administration and Finance, Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, and Bureau of State Buildings (1 seat)

Mary D. Richmond (incumbent)

Group 11 – Department of Housing and Community Development and Massachusetts Emergency Management (1 seat)

Thomas Mulvey (incumbent)

Group 12 – Department of Corrections, Department of Revenue, Department of Public Utilities, and Military Division (1 seat)

Jennifer Baker (incumbent)

Group 13 – Active Retirees (1 seat – non-voting)

Charles T. Chiang

Paul K. Donahue (incumbent)

Kathy Flannery

James Galvin

Robert J. Nicotera Sr.

Trustees (3 Seats)

Paul DiPietro (Incumbent)

Christophen M. Dighton

Mary J. Richards (Incumbent)

Ron E. Stoner

These results will be presented by the Election Committee at the General Membership Meeting on December 13, 2022.

Once the results are accepted by the Members in attendance at this meeting the new officers will be sworn in for a new 2-year term.  

Congratulations to all of the elected candidates and thank you to all candidates for your participation!