Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists

2022 MOSES Election Results

Ballots have been counted, reviewed and verified. Recounts were performed for the Officer positions in voting Groups 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 in accordance with the election procedures due to close races. Please see below for the preliminary results for the 2022 MOSES election. Elected candidates are indicated with an asterisk (*).


*Patrick Russell (incumbent), 1124 votes


*Thomas Prendergast (incumbent), 1091 votes


Jennifer Baker, 384 votes

*Allen Bondeson (incumbent), 571 votes

Paula Davison, 228 votes


Patrick Finn, 252 votes

*Jessica Leger, 922 votes

Officers (35 positions in 13 voting groups)
Group 1 – Massachusetts Department of Transportation (12 seats)

*Mark Brum (incumbent), 259 votes

*Nicholas DelVento (incumbent), 249 votes

*Christophen M. Dighton, 178 votes

*Michael Epstein (incumbent), 244 votes

*Patrick Finn (incumbent), 227 votes

*Robert Fitzgerald (incumbent), 248 votes

*Brian Graziano, 203 votes

*Carmen D Ramirez (incumbent), 242 votes

*Steve Ready (incumbent), 211 votes

*Mark Spinale (incumbent), 244 votes

*JP Telemaque (incumbent), 237 votes

*Linda Walsh (incumbent), 249 votes

Group 2 – Department of Environmental Protection (6 seats)

*John J. Bardzik (incumbent), 161 votes

Joshua Cook, 79 votes

*Ellie Donovan (incumbent), 153 votes

*Joe Dorant (incumbent), 157 votes

*James J. Gibbs, 96 votes

Marrcus Henry, 63 votes

*Michael M. Hurley (incumbent), 157 votes

Will Mbah, 66 votes

*Michael McHugh, 88 votes

Group 3 – Department of Public Health (3 seats)

Felicia Balbi, 27 votes

*B. Marie Cunningham (incumbent), 65 votes

*Karen Farris (incumbent), 40 votes

Michael Farris, 33 votes

*Elisabeth O’Brien (incumbent), 79 votes

Group 4 – Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (3 seats)

Michael Flynn, 71 votes

*David Gottshall (incumbent), 81 votes

*Cara Seaman (incumbent), 91 votes

*Michael Strangie (incumbent), 81 votes

Group 5 – Office of the Attorney General and Department of Labor (1 seat)

*Lou Penella (incumbent), 20 votes

Group 6 – Department of Fish and Game (1 seat)

(no candidate)

Group 7 – Department of Conservation and Recreation, Department of Environmental Affairs, Division of Energy Resources, and Department of Agricultural Resources (3 seats)

*Paula Davison (incumbent), 79 votes

*Darryl A. Forgione (incumbent), 89 votes

*Michael Galvin, 68 votes

Michael Luibil (incumbent), 66 vote

Group 8 – Department of Public Safety, Department of State Police, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and Department of Fire Services (1 seat)

*Jessica Brown, 24 votes

John Jarvis, 6 votes

Jessica Leger (incumbent), 34 votes – moved up to Treasurer

Group 9 – Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services, Chelsea Soldier’s Home, Executive Offices of Health and Human Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commision (1 seat)

*Gerald P. McCullough (incumbent), 4 votes

Group 10 – Executive Office of Administration and Finance, Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, and Bureau of State Buildings (1 seat)

*Mary D. Richmond (incumbent), 40 votes

Group 11 – Department of Housing and Community Development and Massachusetts Emergency Management (1 seat)

*Thomas Mulvey (incumbent), 13 votes

Group 12 – Department of Corrections, Department of Revenue, Department of Public Utilities, and Military Division (1 seat)

*Jennifer Baker (incumbent), 20 votes

Group 13 – Active Retirees (1 seat – non-voting)

Charles T. Chiang, 4 votes

*Paul K. Donohue (incumbent), 117 votes

Kathy Flannery, 16 votes

James Galvin, 6 votes

Robert J. Nicotera Sr., 8 votes

Trustees (3 Seats)

*Paul DiPietro (incumbent), 991 votes

Christophen M. Dighton, 259 votes

*Mary J. Richards (incumbent), 1025 votes

*Ron E. Stoner, 796 votes