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MOSES members testify in support of bill extending safety protections to state employees

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Joining a diverse group of workers, workers compensation insurers, occupational health experts and union leaders, MOSES members testified before the legislature’s Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, urging them to pass legislation that would require the state to comply with national safety standards. While private sector workers are covered under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), public employees are not. Currently, a state law provides some safety and health protections for municipal and authority employees, but state employees are excluded.

Joe Dorant, president, Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists (MOSES), explains, "MOSES members encounter many health and safety hazards while performing their jobs. They are first responders who are required to evaluate and inspect chemical spills on our roadways, waterways and in manufacturing plants; and they are workers in our state laboratories testing biological, chemical and communicable substances. However, the health and safety of the more than 80,000 state employees who work for the Commonwealth is less valued than those who work in the private sector because they are not covered by OSHA.  House 2460 and Senate 877 will change that."

Water Lesson: Milford case shows DEP is on guard

MOSES professionals successfully uncover and prove instrumental in the charges upheld against former Milford Water Company manager Henry C. Papuga. Yet another example of DEP's vigilance in protecting the public's health and safety.  

MOSES Members on DEP Environmental Strike Force include Tim Dame in Boston, Mike Maher and Jennifer Macionus, with CERO; Division of Water Supply, CERO's Ed Gates, Andrea Lemerise-Thurlow and Marielle Stone; and Wall Experiment Station's Ann Marie Allen, Carol Batdorf, Tess Burdin-Davis, Nina Duston, Ron Stoner, Jim Sullivan, Revy-Jing "Jean" Tang and Madhuri Tummalapalli.


Click "Read More" for the complete editorial from the May 21, 2013, Worcester Telegram & Gazette.


Member Testifies on Beacon Hill

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Russ Gaulin is a dedicated his day-to-day job with MassDEP as an environmental analyst, as well as during his time with the United State Peace Corps back in 1980.  He served as a Fish Culture Extension Agent, working onsite in the rustic farm lands of Zaire to establish the area’s first fish farms.  He testified, saying, “My experience taught me first hand that one person actually can make a difference.”  

Gaulin was up on Beacon Hill to support House Bill 2405, An Act Authorizing Certain Public Employees Creditable Retirement Service, sponsored by Rep. Jim O’Day, D-West Boylston.  This legislation would let all state employees buy back up to four years of creditable service for having served in the Peace Corps, VISTA, the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Joe Dorant observes, “In 2003, the Legislature passed a bill allowing teachers to purchase their creditable time; House 2405 will simply allow all state employees the same benefit.”

MassDOT Classification Study Update

The "Read More" link below will lead you to an update on the MassDot Classification Study, as well as a heartfelt letter of frustration directed to Sec. Davey that went to all members via last month's MOSES Monitor.  Please do not hesitate to call this office (617.367.2727) for more information or if you have additional questions.  --Joe

 (L-R) Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray, MOSES President Joe Dorant and NASA astronaut Cady Coleman at Oct. 18's STEM Summit.
(L-R) Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray, MOSES President Joe Dorant and NASA astronaut Cady Coleman at Oct. 18's STEM Summit.

STEM: Growing Great Career Opportunities

Recognizing that advancing the competency and number of students entering the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields is critical to improving employment opportunities and income, MOSES President Joe Dorant is committed to supporting and advancing the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.  Working with educators, legislators, as well as business and community leaders, the STEM Council seeks to promote a greater understanding about the importance of advancing the essential disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math to students' academic achievement and successful preparation for entry into the 21st Century workforce. 

As a member of the PR Sub-committee for the Council, Joe recently attended this year's annual STEM Summit.  The day long symposium included plenary presentations and break-out sessions to address numerous issues related to STEM education and workforce development.  Dorant explains, "First and foremost, as it relates to growing these fields, we want to capture student interest.  The Governor's STEM/WOW program - which features two of our own MOSES scientists: Dan Pratt at the State Police Crime Lab and Laura Conlee with MassWildlife's Black Bear Program - is a great outreach effort that effectively engages and excites today's students about the possibility and prospects of STEM in their lives.”

Lt. Gov. Murray concurs, "Through the leadership of the STEM Advisory Council, and support from partners like MOSES, we are creating a strong platform for STEM education that will help students open their imaginations to the excitement of scientific discovery and technology development.  In this way, we are helping our children imagine a boundless future as we also support the growth industries of our economy."

Pictured: Joe Dorant, MOSES president and member of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council, is joined by Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray (left) and NASA astronaut and Massachusetts resident Cady Coleman at Oct. 18's STEM Summit, held at Gillette Stadium.   

Florida bridge, northeast corner, before & after  (MassDOT courtesy photo).
Florida bridge, northeast corner, before & after (MassDOT courtesy photo).

MOSES MassDOT/District 1 Members Earn National “Public Works Project of the Year” Award

Route 2 is a meandering stretch of state highway that spans over 142 miles across the northern part of the Commonwealth, serving businesses and residents in 26 different towns.  On August 28, 2011, as Hurricane Irene moved up the east coast, the extreme damage left in its wake was truly catastrophic…and a new geography was literally carved by water.  

Almost one year to the day, August 27, 2012, MassDOT District 1 will be awarded the prestigious American Public Works Association’s “Public Works Project of the Year” at the 2012 International Public Works Congress.

"Well done!" Pictured (l-r): Mark Bontempo; Joe Dorant, president of MOSES; and Governor Deval Patrick.
"Well done!" Pictured (l-r): Mark Bontempo; Joe Dorant, president of MOSES; and Governor Deval Patrick.

Governor Thanks DCAM's Mark Bontempo for a Job Well Done

Mark Bontempo, MOSES member and project engineer with the Commonwealth's Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM), is thanked by Governor Deval Patrick for his hard work and efforts to complete the state-of-the-art Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital.  The 320-bed facility is designed to care for the state's most severely mentally ill patients who are not yet ready to be treated in a community setting, the longtime and effective trend in psychiatric care.  DCAM was instrumental in managing the $302 million, multi-year project, focusing on the many important and subtle needs that an endeavor of this size and scope requires to finish with a site that is ideally purposed for positive clinical outcome...and DCAM accomplished this daunting task on time and on budget. Pictured (l-r): Mark Bontempo; Joe Dorant, president of MOSES; and Governor Deval Patrick.

Skomal on Discovery Channel's "Jaws Comes Home"
Dr. Greg Skomal (credit: Clarita)
Dr. Greg Skomal (credit: Clarita)

Greg Skomal, MOSES Member & Shark Expert, featured on Discovery Channel's "Shark Week"

Greg Skomal, a marine biologist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, believes that a recent explosion in the gray seal population off Massachusetts is what's luring great white sharks back to Cape Cod. Greg investigates the great white's return as Chatham beaches are closed for only the second time in their history.  

For Shark Week 2012, he is featured on Discovery Channel's "Jaws Comes Home" (check local listings for upcoming air times and channel number).

Watch a short clip posted by the Discovery Channel to YouTube above and be sure to tune in tonight or Saturday for the complete episode.

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