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EO511: Report Released; Legislation Moving Ahead

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They are environmental scientists and engineers that respond to releases of hazardous chemicals.

They are highway engineers working a hair’s breadth away from high-speed traffic.

They are foresters suspended hundreds of feet above the ground trying to eradicate invasive species from our trees.

And none enjoy the same workplace safety standards as private employees.

MOSES first filed legislation relating to employee safety more than 10 years ago. We didn’t ask for much; just the same protections that private employees experience through the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

“This is an accomplishment that has been a long time coming,” MOSES President Joe Dorant, also a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Employee Health & Safety, stated. “State employees work every day to keep the Commonwealth’s air, water, environment, health and infrastructure safe. And yet, these same dedicated professionals have not had the equivalent on-the-job safety protections as private workers. EO511 is a critical first step to closing that grievous gap.”

Executive Order 511 (EO511) is a report recently released by the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Employee Health & Safety. The Committee studied workplace risks and dangers across the Commonwealth’s Executive Branch employees, making key recommendations to reduce injury, illness and deaths among state workers.

Judges Needed!

IB ImageTo register as a judge, visit:; Access code: mssef@mit

If you are selected to be a judge, please confirm with Janet in the MOSES office at 

617.367.2727 or 

Can’t make May 2nd @ MIT? Please consider volunteering for one of these fairs:

• Middle School - Worcester Regionals:  Monday, May 5, 2014 @ WPI, Worcester, Mass.

For more information: 

• Middle School - State Finals: Saturday, June 14, 2014 @ Worcester Technical High School, Worcester, Mass.

For more information:

All judges must have a degree from a four year college/university and work in an area of science and or technology. This event is eligible for the Commonwealth's State Employee Responding as Volunteer (SERV), earning participants up to one paid day per month with supervisory approval. Please follow the instructions on the website to get approval (

Shakespeare Needs a Kidney

MOSES Member and MassDEP Scientist David Shakespeare has an incurable, genetic kidney disease (Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)) and needs your help. His health continues to deteriorate as the disease progresses and dialysis looms closer and closer.  He needs to find a living donor.

David explains, "My dream is to resume the active life I once shared with my wife and others and to continue my work on behalf of the environment and PKD."

Can you help?

Please visit his website ( to learn how to get involved by spreading the word or by becoming a donor.  --Joe

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MOSES & EWB 2014

MOSES members making a difference around the world. Each year, MOSES scientists and engineers donate their time to Engineers without Borders. Here is just a small sampling of the good and important work they do.

DCR Foresters Fight the Good Fight

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MOSES represents 73 foresters throughout the are just two examples of the important work they do each day to protect our environment.  To read the entire story on Ken Gooch, click here:

MOSES Member Linda Dube Plays Important Role in Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Making homes safe for children means finding and eliminating the lead hazards.  Linda Dube, an environmental health inspector with the Mass Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) explains, “Even though the incidence of the illness has been significantly reduced, many young children are poisoned by lead paint in Massachusetts each year.”

Most of the childhood  lead poisoning comes from lead paint dust in older homes. When old paint peels and cracks or older windows are opened and closed, it creates lead paint chips and lead dust. Lead gets into children’s bodies when they put their hands and toys into their mouths. Children can also breathe in lead dust as a result of home renovations.

Lead poisoning, even at low levels, can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to a child's brain, kidneys and nervous system. It can also result in serious learning and behavior problems. 

In 2012, more than 214,000 children under the age of 65 had their blood tested for lead content. Of those, 907 were considered lead poisoned according to the Centers for Disease Control. Ms. Dube shares, “This means their blood levels were elevated and they had a significant chance of serious behavioral, cognitive and health ramifications.”

The Massachusetts Lead Law requires the removal or covering of lead paint hazards in homes built before 1978 (Lead was banned from paint for residential use in 1971) where a child under the age of six lives, be it single-family homes, condominiums or rental properties.

The first step in the deleading process is having the home inspected. Only people who are trained and authorized can do deleading work. Deleading includes things like replacing windows and woodwork, scraping or cover old paint and encapsulation. Ms. Dube notes, “There are many methods of deleading. We work with property owners to educate them about their deleading options, who can do what work and resources available to help pay for the deleading.”

Linda and her fellow CLPPP inspectors Wayne Bowen, Errol Campbell, Andrea Demuth and Warren Laskey are all MOSES members who inspect, issue orders and work to get homes deleaded for lead poisoned children. Linda also conducts two-day classroom training and coordinates the field training for the CLPPP Code Enforcement Lead Determination Inspector program. Once trained and licensed, the local health agents test paint and get houses deleaded before children get poisoned.  Linda adds, “The lead determination program is true primary prevention and an excellent example of a collaborative effort between local and state public health agents.”  

Lorraine Simbliaris, director of field operations for DPH/CLPPP, observes, “Linda and her team are some of our behind-the-scene scientists diligently working to eliminate lead poisoning for the children living in the Commonwealth.”

STOP H59! Lobby Day

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Read Joe Dorant's testimony.

Read Sara Cohen's testimony.

Read Mike Epstein's testimony.

Check out the 2012 scholarship winners!

John Bardzik and Patrick Russell of the Goodwill Committee, conducted the 32nd annual scholarship drawing at the September 11, 2012 General Membership meeting @ the Hilltop Restaurant and the winners are as follows:

President Charles P. Wilson Scholarship - Michael Roach, DOT, son Connor

Paul E. Cantwell Scholarship - Nitin Patel, DOT, daughter, Arti

Milton J. Dubinsky Scholarship - Jose Goncalves, DOT, spouse, Joana

Edward G. Clancy, Jr. Scholarship - Farhad Ghom, DOT, son, Bijan

Theodore C. Palizzolo, Jr. Scholarship - Daniel Gilmore, DEP, son, Sean

Maurice A. Randall Scholarship - Edward Mahoney, DOT, daughter, Alicia

William Shipps Scholarship - Abed Jamous, DOT, son, Zachary

Elizabeth Brown Scholarship - Alan Webb, DOT, daughter, Alexandra

Earnest Burns Scholarship - Edmund H. Newton, DOT, stepson, Cole Freniere

Daniel Dalton Scholarship - Theodore Balicki, DOT, daughter, Ashlee

William Dalton Scholarship - Albert Miller, DOT, self, Albert

Robert H. Harper Sr. Scholarship - Karen Badalaty, DCP, son, Nicholas

Al Laing Scholarship - Stephen Quinlan, DOT, daughter, Kerri

Andrew (Jerry)Langone Scholarship - William Lamkin, DEP, son, Nathaniel

Paul Prentiss Scholarship - Michael Driscoll, DCR, daughter, Rebecca 

Howard Bacon Scholarship - Daniel Marchant, DFG, son, Francis

Robert A. Smith Scholarship - Brian Clang, DOT, son, Conor

James S. Caldeira Scholarship - Hernan Mosquera, DOT, daughter, Maria

Reginald Jacobs Scholarship - Daniel Hermanski Sr., DOT, daughter, Kathryn

Patricia MacAskill Scholarship - Gary Bogue, DEP, son, Merhawi

Paul McCorry Scholarship - Laurie Kennedy, DEP, son, Sean

Scholarship Trust Awards

Keven Cassidy, DOT, son, Kyle

Marghrit Arous, DOT, spouse, Berj Bardizbanian

William S. Walker, DOT, daughter, Carina

John Roche, Retiree, son, Daniel

Donate Life!

MOSES member David Shakespeare needs your help.  Please visit his site to see if you're a match.

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