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MOSES Members Recognized for Outstanding Performance

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The 30th annual Performance Recognition Program (PRP) awards ceremony was held at the State House this past July. The PRP program honors outstanding performance of Executive Branch and Higher Education employees in building a better Commonwealth.

"I am proud to honor this year's Performance Recognition Program winners and to thank them for their excellence in public service," said Governor Patrick. "As members of the state workforce these individuals make a difference every day to help build a better Commonwealth."

Over 350 state employees representing agencies across the Commonwealth were recognized at the event for excellence in public service. Awardees were chosen based on their demonstration of exceptional accomplishments in areas that include: leadership, innovation, meaningful contributions and commitment to government operations.

Joe Dorant, president of MOSES, shares, "Once again, MOSES members figure prominently in the list of recipients. Excellence in public service is certainly worthy of recognition, but quite frankly, I think every MOSES member qualifies for this accolade." 

In addition to the highlights noted below, additional MOSES awardees include DPH's Johanna Vostok for her work as an epidemiologist with the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Hillary Johnson, a member of the Immunization Program MIIS/Vaccine Unit.

Turner Earns Carballo Award

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MOSES member Richard "Dick" Turner has been a fixture in environmental circles in Massachusetts for decades. After 65 years of service, he formally retired in late June from his position with MassWildlife. However, he is still frequently found at his former office in the woods of Buzzards' Bay covering the Southeast District, allegedly to clean it out for its next occupant, but in actuality because he still cares about wildlife and yearns to continue contributing to its preservation.

Turner's dedication to the environment and to the species that populate it has earned him numerous awards in his lifetime, including perhaps the most significant one just a few weeks ago. He was one of five individual recipients of this year's Manuel Carballo Governor's Award for Excellence in Public Service from Governor Deval Patrick.

Dick (right) is pictured above with Gov. Patrick at the State House ceremony.

MOSES Members Cash in at MassDEP Awards

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MassDEP Commissioner David Cash (fourth from left) handed out a total of 18 Performance Excellence awards to MOSES members. Pictured at right (from left to right) John Fischer, James McQuade, Paul Dwiggins, Commissioner Cash, Michelle Delemarre, Joe Dorant, president of MOSES and a MassDEP scientist, Duanne LeVangie and Greg Root. James, Paul, Michelle and Greg were all part of the Commonwealth vs. Anza Team responsible for bringing Northboro resident Santo Anza to justice for multiple environmental charges relating to illegal dumping.

MassDEP received 27 nominations, seven of which went to MOSES members both individually and to those on a team. MOSES individual recipients in addition to John and Duane noted above also included William Lamkin and Victoria Phillips (a Carballo nominee). MOSES members on the Spill Team (not pictured) include Andrew Clark, John Fitzgerald, Paul Giddings, Lawrence Immerman, Steve Johnson, Dave LaPusata, Kingsley Ndi and Steve Ross. Massachusetts Contingency Plan Team members (also, not pictured) honored for their development of chemical-specific cleanup standards were Elizabeth Callahan and Paul Locke.

With Military Honors 
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MOSES member Robert Blair (right) is congratulated by President Joe Dorant at July 18's Commonwealth of Massachusetts Performance Recognition Program. Blair accepted the award on behalf of the 102nd Civil Engineer Squadron. Additional MOSES members named include Otis Hathon, Paul Helmuth and Michael Netto, also a MOSES Steward.

This dedicated and versatile team has consistently and superbly executed its assigned mission, as well as performed above and beyond the call to duty, saving the state and the federal government millions of dollars. In addition to operating and maintaining the Massachusetts Air National Guard at Otis Air Base, the team also provides 24/7 utility infrastructure support for the Joint Base Cape Cod electrical grid, telephone communications, water distribution and wastewater treatment to 20 tenant units and 3,000 customers across the Air National Guard's largest geographical base. Their unrivaled work ethic, ingenuity and "can do" attitude enables them to accomplish projects that most would consider impossible. As a support organization, their contributions improve the lives of all members in the base community.

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Multiple Agencies Work Together on Worst-Case Emergency Scenarios

MOSES members from MassDEP, MWRA and DCR among participants.

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Emergency responders from MassDEP, DCR and MWRA, as well as local public safety officials practice deploying oil spill boom on the Wachusett Reservoir.

One of the most important responsibilities provided by MassDEP is their rapid response to emergency situations in the event of an accident or a spill of some hazardous materials that creates a crisis for the environment or public health. (Recall last summer, when more than 9,000 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the Mystic River after a tanker truck flipped over on the Route 60 area between Medford and Arlington. Among the many first-responders on the scene, it was fast action taken by the MassDEP's Emergency Response (ER) section, including MOSES members Paul Giddings, Dave LaPusata, Kingsley Ndi and Steven Ross, as well as Andy Clark and John Fitzgerald, who also work the Field Assessment Support Team (FAST), that helped to mitigate the disastrous impact to the local environment from this very unfortunate incident.) 

Most recently, MOSES members Nick Child, Bob Dunne, Dino Dellechiaie, Mike Leblanc, Kevin Daoust, Matt Fitzpatrick, Phil Doherty, Andrea Lemerise, Ed Gates, John Ostrowsky and David Boyer, along with Joel Reese, John Bourcier, Joanne Flescher and Tony Kurpaska, all from MassDEP, joined forces with fellow MWRA and DCR members to conduct an oil spill deployment and containment training session at Wachusett Reservoir. The exercise included both daylight and evening training sessions, as well as boat and shoreline containment drills.

MOSES members from DCR, Bill Moulton and Paula Davison, as well as MWRA member Matt Walsh coordinated and participated in the drills. MWRA also helped underwrite the training.

Joe Dorant, president of MOSES and a scientist with MassDEP, shares, "Getting to the scene of an environmental crisis quickly is a key factor to successfully mitigate the situation. Bringing together the important and unique skill sets that DCR, MWRA and MassDEP scientists and engineers provide and determining each professional organization's exact role when these types of events occur is often the difference that prevents long-term environmental damage or potential risk to the public's health." 

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