2021 MOSES Scholarship Winners
The 42nd Annual MOSES MEMORIAL Scholarship drawing was held at the MOSES office on September 16, 2021. The drawing was conducted by John Bardzik, Chairman of the Goodwill Committee and Patrick Russell, President of MOSES.
The Scholarships are worth $1000 each with one scholarship being $2000 in memory of former President Charles P. Wilson.
The following are the winners:
President Charles P. Wilson
Raphael Liautaud, son of Lyris Bauduy-Liautaud, MassDOT
Paul E Cantwell/Milton Dubinsky:
Laila Mostello Wetherbee, daughter of Carolyn Mostello , DFG
Edward G. ClancyJr./Theodore Palizzola Jr.
Brendan Sullivan, son of Amy Sullivan, DEP
Maurice A. Randall
Tara Guzman-Finn, daughter of Anne Margaret Finn, DEP
William Shipps
Adam Horwitz, son of Susan Figelman, DEP
Elizabeth Brown
Evan J. Smith, son of Terrance Smith, DFG
Earnest Burns
Alison Rabideau, daughter of Robert Rabideau, MWRA
Daniel Dalton
Hayden Siok, son of Brian C. Siok, MassDOT
William Dalton
Lindsay Dalton, daughter of James Dalton, Mass DOT
Robert H. Harper Sr.
Colin Hartnett, son of Michael Hartnett, MassDOT
Al Laing
Jessica Handy, daughter of Michael Lawler, DPH
Anna Coppelloti, daughter of Tracey Coppellotti, MassDOT
Paul Prentiss
William Peter Seweryn, for himself. DCR
Howard Bacon
Julianna Stanton, daughter of Mark Stanton, DPH
Robert A. Smith
Fin Grafe, son of Jerome Grafe, DEP
James Caldeira
Michael Budaj, son of Rebecca Faucher, DCR
Reginald Jacobs
Emily Cain, daughter of Lynn Cain, DEP
Patricia MacAskill
Kaitlyn Waring, daughter of Charma Waring, DPH
Paul McCorry
Samuel Gregory, son of Paul Gregory, DCR
John Grady
Ariel Blumkin, son of Eugene Blumkin, MRC
Mushtaque Mirza
Max Huang-Debow, son of Robert Huang, MWRA
William D. Vickers Jr.
Liam McGowan, son of Martin McGowan, MassDOT
Richard Green
Tyler Dalton, son of J Dalton, MassDOT
Donald Mello
Patricia Soltan, daughter of Jaroslaw Soltan, DFS
Carroll E. Bednarski
Katherine Ann Krikoris, daughter of Gregory Krikoris, MassDOT
Lillian Jirard
Anthony Miano, son of John Miano, DEP
Brian Cashman
Wade Woolley, son of Rebecca Buswell, DEP
Richard Levine
Matthew Cyr, for himself. DPU
1.Eli Gosselin-Smoske, son of Nadine Smoske, MWRA
2.Lucas Guzman-FInn, son of Anne Margaret Finn, DEP
3.Rose Szifullah, daughter of Pamela Haznar, MassDOT
Congratulations to all the winners !! 
Thanks to Janet Vitiello for doing all the work associated with this scholarship drawing.
We are having some technical difficulties uploading the video to the MOSES website. We will post it when they are resolved.