Article III - Membership


A.  Eligibility shall be limited to those employees with titles units represented by MOSES, except as permitted in Article III Section 4.


A.  An eligible person shall become a member by the filing of a signed application with the membership committee and also by a signed card authorizing automatic payroll dues deduction or the balance of the weekly dues from the date of application to the following June 30th, as one lump sum payment.


A.  Members shall have the right of support of this organization in any controversy arising from the fulfillment of the duties of their office, provided they have not acted contrary to the prescribed law of this Commonwealth, to the rules and direction of this organization, or to a position taken by this organization.

B.  Members shall have the right to the assistance and encouragement of this organization in securing betterments for their social, intellectual and financial status.

C.  Members not in good standing shall have no rights or privileges except as voted to them at the current or preceding meeting of the board of directors or as required by law.

D.  No member shall use the name of this organization in any news release or publication without the prior approval of the board of directors.

E.  Members shall protect the confidentiality of and defend a position taken by this organization.


A.  Members in good standing, upon retirement may continue membership by paying an annual fee of thirty ($30); increased by 20% effective 1/1/2014; effective 1/1/2015, 1/1/2016, 1/1/2017, retiree dues shall be increased by 2.5%. Active retirees may vote on all matters except for contract items.

B.  Free life membership may be granted by majority vote of the board of directors to a retired member in recognition of exceptional service to this organization. Such action will require ratification by majority vote of the body in attendance at a regular meeting.


A.  any member who has resigned without good cause, as determined by majority vote of the board of directors, shall not be reinstated to membership unless accepted by a majority vote of the body in attendance at a regular meeting. application for reinstatement must be accompanied by payment of assessment as determined by the board of directors.


A.  Conviction of the following, but not limited to, shall constitute grounds for loss of membership:

(1)  willfully and maliciously destroying or taking without permission any property of this organization.

(2)  actively encouraging the decertification of the organization.

B.  Members of this organization shall lose membership when they have fallen behind more than one month in payment of dues or when they have been tried and convicted by the board of directors or the designee. The member shall have the right to appeal the decision of the board at the next regular meeting and may be represented by counsel of his/her choosing.


A.  Dues of ten dollars ($10) per week effective 1/1/2014; ten dollars and twenty five cents ($10.25) effective 1/1/2015, ten dollars and fifty cents ($10.50) per week effective 1/1/2016, ten dollars and seventy five cents ($10.75) per week effective 1/1/2017 and shall be payable by a signed card authorizing payroll deduction or by single payment covering a one year payment starting July 1st and ending June 30th, due and payable in advance of July 1st, EXCEPT in the case of new members making a lump sum payment as outlined in section 2, subsection “A” of this article.

B.  Membership dues from new members to cover the period of time between the dates of application for membership and the onset of dues deduction by the employer are due and payable within fifteen days of receipt of a statement from the secretary of this organization.