MassDOT: Agreement Reached on Classification Study

IB ImageMOSES is pleased to announce that MassDOT and the Coalition of MassDOT Unions for Unit E have reached an agreement on the implementation of the Classification Study conducted by Segal and Associates.  

At the outset we want to congratulate the Unit E joint labor subcommittee and acknowledge all of the thoughtful and hard work that they did reviewing employees’ Job Analysis Questionnaires and Form 30s. And although everyone would have liked the process completed sooner, we believe that this Agreement provides a fair resolution to a complex process and avoids further lengthy delays in litigation. We also believe that this process has demonstrated once again that when labor and management work together, challenging problems can be resolved in a way that benefits the interests of all parties. 

The purpose of the Classification Study was to identify instances where employees were improperly classified and get them into their proper classification. This required taking a comprehensive look at the actual functions people were performing and comparing them to both their own job specifications and the job specifications of employees in other titles performing similar functions. While the review found that a majority of employees were properly classified, there were many instances where employees were either working above or below their classifications. In other instances we found that existing job titles didn’t accurately capture the work that was being performed and we agreed that new job series should be created. 

Implementation of the Classification Study agreement will see more than 150 Unit E employees reclassified into new titles which reflect their job duties and responsibilities and which in some instances will address wage parity issues. The agreement also calls for the creation of several new job classifications (Bridge Inspector; Construction Coordinator, MassDOT Industrial Health and Safety Inspector) and the expansion of existing job series (Mechanical Engineer V). We believe that these modifications will provide new career growth opportunities for Unit E employees and help MassDOT attract and retain a highly-qualified workforce. 

Over the next few weeks, notification letters will be sent to individuals who will be upgraded or reclassified into new positions. Pursuant to the agreement, employees who participated in the study, but were not recommended for an upgrade will be advised of their appeal rights which will be sent to employees work email. It is important that everybody that participated in the study watch for and open their email from MOSES on this issue. The appeal form and instructions will be included in the notice which must be filed with MOSES by June 30, 2017. If you have questions, after receiving your email, you may contact one of your MOSES MassDOT Board Members (listed below) or wait for a series of “Brown Bags” that will be held in each District office during the first few weeks of June.
Again, thank you for your patience throughout this long and arduous process.  

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