Higher Education Pays!

Started in 1981 by Paul K. Donohue, president at the time, over $250,000 has been awarded to help members and their families achieve their educational goals. Each award is named in memoriam for a MOSES board member who exemplified dedication, hard work and commitment to the organization.

John Bardzik and Patrick Russell of the Goodwill Committee, conducted the 36th annual scholarship drawing at the September 13, 2016 General Membership meeting @ Stoneforge Publick House, Raynham, Mass.

All scholarships are $750.00 except for the Charles P. Wilson Scholarship that is $1,500. Congratulations to all the winners!

• President Charles P. Wilson Scholarship - Razah L. Arran daughter of Lokman Arran, DOT

• Paul E. Cantwell, Milton J. Dubinsky Scholarship - Anna Haznar daughter of Pamela Haznar, DOT

• Edward G. Clancy, Jr. Scholarship - Jason Leaming son of Harold Leaming, DPS

• Theodore C. Palizzolo, Jr. Scholarship - Emily Gavin daughter of Daniel Gavin, DEP

• Maurice A. Randall Scholarship - Christine M. Norton daughter of John Norton, MWRA

• William Shipps Scholarship - Alyssa Anderson daughter of Thomas Anderson, EEA

• Elizabeth Brown Scholarship - Michael Amato son of John Amato, DOT

• Earnest Burns Scholarship - Rozh L. Arran son of Lokman Arran, DOT

• Daniel Dalton Scholarship - Erik Nelson son of John Nelson, MWRA

• William Dalton Scholarship - Hannah Lacey daughter of Robin Lacey, CZM

• Robert H. Harper Sr. Scholarship - Emily Salfity daughter of Bassam Salfity, DOT

• Al Laing Scholarship - Jonathan Lang son of Bao Lang, DOT

• Andrew (Jerry) Langone Scholarship - Meghan Friedmann daughter of Andrew Friedmann, DEP

• Paul Prentiss Scholarship - Lindsay Dalton daughter of James M. Dalton, DOT

• Howard Bacon Scholarship - Nick McConnell son of Sue McConnell, DEP

• Robert A. Smith Scholarship - Justin Medina stepson of Mark DeVylder, DOT

• James S. Caldeira Scholarship - Zainab Raza daughter of Amer Raza, DOT

• Reginald Jacobs Scholarship - Elaina Cho daughter of Jean Cho, DOL

• Patricia MacAskill Scholarship - Emma Ciaranca daughter of Michael Ciaranca, MIL

• Paul McCorry Scholarship - Timothy Collyer son of Leslie Collyer, DEP

• John Grady Scholarship - Olivia Wisniewski daughter of Dariusz Wisniewski, DOT

• Mushtaque Mirza Scholarship - Christopher Abner son of Stephen Abner, MWRA

• William Vickers Jr. Scholarship - Taylor Reutlinger daughter of Gregory Reutlinger, OAG

• Richard Green Scholarship - Jamie Gobiel daughter of Sharon Gobiel, DEP

Scholarship Trust Awards

1. Nicholas David Adams son of Kathryn E. Adams, DPH

2. Mariah Frost daughter of Arthur Frost, DOT

3. Jahnvi Chandar daughter of Sreelatha Allam, DOT

ALTERNATES (in order of precedence):

1. Jacklyn Beebe for self, DCR

2. Drew Sullivan son of Mark Sullivan, MWRA

3. Leah O'Connell daughter of Thomas F. O'Connell, Ret.

4. Samuel Webb son of Alan Webb, DOT

5. Erin Ramirez son of Alwin Ramirez, DOT

6. Christopher Windle spouse of Abigail Jacobs, MWRA