GIC is Shifting Costs to Employees...Again.



On March 3, 2017, the Boston Business Journal published the following article on GIC cost shifting: "State to hike health insurance costs for 70,000 employees."

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Once again, our healthcare is under attack.

On January 4, the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) released a report that included recommendations to increase deductibles, raise prescription drug costs and change the design of healthcare plans for public employees.

The following week, MOSES joined with other public employee unions in pushing to delay the implementation of these recommendations until after the GIC holds a public hearing on the proposed changes. Despite our collective effort, as well as support from House and Senate leadership, on Thursday, January 19, the GIC voted to provide provisional approval for these recommendations. These changes may cost your family hundreds of dollars each year.

Here is what the GIC voted on.

Share this image. The chart below shows clearly how cost "sharing" is really cost shifting. Beginning in 2009, public employees have steadily taken on a higher percent of their healthcare costs while the state has steadily decreased its share. In 2016, public employees paid the highest share to date - nearly 28% - of the costs, while the state paid their lowest - 72%. The proposed GIC changes would continue and accelerate these trend lines in the wrong directions.

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