2016 MOSES Election Results

IB ImageThe votes have been counted and the results are in. These results must be approved by the members present at the December 13, 2016 General Membership Meeting. Once the Election Committee report is accepted, the new Officers and Trustees will be sworn in for a new two year term. A total of 1,273 ballots were received (36% of membership).

For a complete election vote summary, please click here.

At-Large Contest results:

Joe Dorant (DEP) 1062  -  Unopposed
Patrick Russell (MWRA) 742  -  Elected
David  Baker  (MassDOT) 502
Allen Bondeson (MassDOT) 824  -  Elected
Jennifer Marsh Baker (Military Div) 396
Jim Galvin (MassDOT) 948  -  Unopposed
Trustees (3 Seats)  
Mary Richards (Retiree) 849  -  Uncontested
Paul DiPietro (Retiree) 820  -  Uncontested
Vincent A Long (Retiree) 803  -  Uncontested

For a complete election vote summary, please click here.

The Election Committee:

Louis Sciortino - Retiree MDC  - Co-chair
Robert Danilecki - Retiree DHCD - Co-chair
Arne Carr - Retiree - DFW
Stephen Hawko - Reiree DEP
Norman Goldman - Retiree DOT
Paul Petrowski - EOL
Chuck Salemi -Retiree POL