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MOSES Member Darryl Forgione Named Buddy Adams Award Recipient

DCR Engineer Honored by the Mass. Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health

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(Pictured (left to right): Darryl Forgione, MOSES President Joe Dorant and Alex Brown, MassCOSH board member and representative of the North Shore Labor Council.)

The Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH) named Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists (MOSES) Board Member Darryl Forgione of Ipswich the 2015 Buddy Adams Award recipient.

The award, presented this year by the North Shore Labor Council, recognizes a resident who has demonstrated leadership and dedication to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of workers in the Commonwealth. It is named in memory of Buddy Adams, a member of IUE-CWA local 201 who, fought for better health and safety conditions through activism at General Electric.

Forgione, an engineer with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), has been a longtime champion of occupational safety.

In his 20 years of advocacy, Forgione has built an effective labor-management health and safety committee. Together, they study injury data with an eye to reducing areas where accidents trend; work to get personal safety equipment and training for employees; regularly testify before the Massachusetts legislature in support of safety bills, including the recently passed bill extending OSHA protections to executive branch employees; and develop health and safety policies to keep fellow workers from harm, among other efforts.

“I am very vocal about safety,” Forgione explains. “If my efforts can help educate everyone to better understand everyday risks in the workplace and, in turn, mitigate these potential hazards, I’m happy to do it. Being safe on the job saves lives, money and heartache. I know that I, as well as my fellow workers, work hard to create a safe work environment, and this award is an honor for all of us.”

Joe Dorant, president of MOSES, observes, “An effective workplace safety program starts with a strong and visible commitment to safety and touches every level of the organization. Each and every day, Darryl leads by example by encouraging safe practices and procedures and exemplifying his commitment to ’safety first.' The Commonwealth is well served by MOSES members like Darryl, who recognize that workplace safety programs, with a focus on prevention, are key to ensuring dedicated public servants remain safe and protected on the job.”

DCR Acting Commissioner Daniel Sieger shares, “This recognition highlights the dedication and determination that employees like Darryl have made to create a safe work environment. We at DCR are especially proud to have one of our engineers receive this prestigious award.”

“Darryl truly embodies the passion and dedication to health and safety of the late Buddy Adams,” says Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, executive director, MassCOSH. “Darryl has devoted decades of his career to ensuring that his fellow workers can do their jobs protecting our state’s parks and return home safely to their families. We all owe a debt of gratitude to him.”

Representative Bradford Hill (R-Ipswich) says, “Darryl Forgione is an invaluable employee of the Department of Conservation and Recreation due to his commitment to safety in the workplace. The Commonwealth is lucky to have Darryl, and I am proud to call him a constituent."

Every day, throughout the Commonwealth, thousands of professional engineers and scientists dedicate themselves to serving the public interest. They provide protection from life threatening dangers; assure the quality of our air and water; design, build and preserve our roads and bridges; and ensure that our workplaces and homes are safe from toxins. These employees all have one thing in common – they are members of the Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists (MOSES), a professional organization 3,200 members strong dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Massachusetts’ residents through science and engineering.



A "Grand" Turn Out for Lobby Day

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A “Grand” Turnout: More than two-dozen MOSES members lent their support to Union Lobby Day on April 2, 2015. Pictured above on the Grand Staircase at the State House is (back row, l-r) Ron Stoner*, Greg Ringdahl, Mike Epstein*, Rajinder Khetarpal, Anne Malewicz*, Tom Prendergast*, David Shakespeare; (front row, l-r) Mary Richmond, Mike Galvin*, MOSES President Joe Dorant*, Leonard Meleger, Val Soroka and Mohammed Chowdry. Missing from photo: Philip Murphy, Susan Fessenden, Gerry McCullough*, Chris Bresnahan*, Alex Smigliani*, Jacob Oliver, Tim Connolly, Ben Gardner, Stephen Spencer, Mary Richards and Donald Miller (* indicates member MOSES Board of Directors).

MOSES Members Stand Together Against Health Insurance Cost-Shifting

More than 24 MOSES members joined hundreds of brothers and sisters in organized labor at the Massachusetts State House on April 2 to ask legislators to stop proposed health care cost increases that would severely impact state workers.

MOSES President Joe Dorant explains, “Our goal is to roll back the current 25% premium share for state workers hired from 2003 onward so that they will pay the same 20% premium share as workers hired before 2003. We hope this move will soften the impact of the already planned GIC increases in copays and deductibles, as well as the premium increases of up to 9% for all MOSES members’ insurance plans.”

April 2’s lobby day was only the first in what will likely be a 90-day push to ensure fairness for state workers in the FY2016 budget. It’s not too late to let your legislator know you can’t take any more increases. Click here (or visit to see a suggested email or phone message and call your legislator today. Not sure who to call? Visit:

MOSES MassDOT Members Donate Vacation Time to Coworker

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The season of giving is fast approaching, and MOSES members from MassDOT’s Unit E have rallied in support of their fellow coworker with the greatest gift of all…time.

Karen O’Neil, leave of absence administrator for MassDOT, explains, “In many instances, diagnosis and recovery for a serious illness can take months and months. The reality is, no employee has that much time off accrued.” 

She further shares, sick time can also be quickly depleted because of personal or family crisis. “What seemed like an enormous ‘stock pile’ is gone in an instant,” she says.

When the call went out that MassDOT District 3 Engineer Bob Aubrey’s daughter’s life threatening illness had returned, MOSES members didn’t hesitate. 

In less than two weeks, 56 MassDOT members donated 511 hours - over 13 weeks of paid time.

MOSES President Joe Dorant notes, “I’m so impressed by our members generosity. Yes, we worked to get mutual aid to be a part of the collective bargaining agreement, but the fact that so many MOSES coworkers took the extra step and shared their vacation, personal or compensatory time with Bob speaks to just how special and generous our members are.”


MOSES & EWB 2014

MOSES members making a difference around the world. Each year, MOSES scientists and engineers donate their time to Engineers without Borders. Here is just a small sampling of the good and important work they do.

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