MOSES Members Cited for Excellence - 2015

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State employees and their daily contributions throughout the workforce play a major role in the Commonwealth’s successful delivery of quality services to its citizens. Outstanding employees set high standards for themselves and they motivate and influence their fellow workers to adopt similar standards. For 31 years, the Performance Recognition Program (PRP) has been an important means to publicly acknowledge and encourage outstanding performance. Over the next several months, we will be highlighting MOSES members that have been singled out for excellence in 2015. Congratulations to everyone and if you have received an award, from the state or your community, please send information and a photo to:

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EO511: Report Released; Legislation Moving Ahead

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They are environmental scientists and engineers that respond to releases of hazardous chemicals.

They are highway engineers working a hair’s breadth away from high-speed traffic.

They are foresters suspended hundreds of feet above the ground trying to eradicate invasive species from our trees.

And none enjoy the same workplace safety standards as private employees.

MOSES first filed legislation relating to employee safety more than 10 years ago. We didn’t ask for much; just the same protections that private employees experience through the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

“This is an accomplishment that has been a long time coming,” MOSES President Joe Dorant, also a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Employee Health & Safety, stated. “State employees work every day to keep the Commonwealth’s air, water, environment, health and infrastructure safe. And yet, these same dedicated professionals have not had the equivalent on-the-job safety protections as private workers. EO511 is a critical first step to closing that grievous gap.”

Executive Order 511 (EO511) is a report recently released by the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Employee Health & Safety. The Committee studied workplace risks and dangers across the Commonwealth’s Executive Branch employees, making key recommendations to reduce injury, illness and deaths among state workers.

Member Testifies on Beacon Hill

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Russ Gaulin is a dedicated his day-to-day job with MassDEP as an environmental analyst, as well as during his time with the United State Peace Corps back in 1980.  He served as a Fish Culture Extension Agent, working onsite in the rustic farm lands of Zaire to establish the area’s first fish farms.  He testified, saying, “My experience taught me first hand that one person actually can make a difference.”  

Gaulin was up on Beacon Hill to support House Bill 2405, An Act Authorizing Certain Public Employees Creditable Retirement Service, sponsored by Rep. Jim O’Day, D-West Boylston.  This legislation would let all state employees buy back up to four years of creditable service for having served in the Peace Corps, VISTA, the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Joe Dorant observes, “In 2003, the Legislature passed a bill allowing teachers to purchase their creditable time; House 2405 will simply allow all state employees the same benefit.”

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