Commonwealth/MOSES Healthcare Mitigation Fund

Commonwealth Unit 9 Employees Only
Does Not apply to MassDOT or MWRA Employees

Commonwealth Healthcare Mitigation Fund

This program is available only to Unit 9 employees covered by the Commonwealth Collective Bargaining Agreement. This program is not available to employees covered under the MWRA or MassDOT Collective Bargaining Agreements or to COBRA participants.

This program was created as a result of a settlement agreement between MOSES and the Commonwealth regarding the Quarter Point Reclassification Pool contained in the 2014-2017 Commonwealth Collective Bargaining Agreement. The sum of $760,000 was transferred to the MOSES Health & Welfare Trust for exclusive use in providing enhanced healthcare benefits to Unit 9 employees covered by the Commonwealth Collective Bargaining Agreement. Qualified Unit 9 employees will be reimbursed up to $250 for documented Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. 

Qualifying expenses are those incurred through participation in a Healthcare Insurance Plan and that have been paid, excluding premiums.  These qualifying expenses include Healthcare Plan co-payments and payments towards plan deductibles. 

Members receiving Healthcare through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) can find a list of these qualifying expenses in the Fiscal Year 2019 GIC Benefits Decision Guide for Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees on pages 4-5.

The documentation required to receive this reimbursement must be a summary sheet of deductible and out-of-pocket expenses paid. These summary documents are provided by the Healthcare Insurer or their contractor (e.g. Express Scripts) and are available through their websites by logging in to your account.

The easiest and most comprehensive source of a summary document can be obtained through the Express Scripts (Pharmacy Benefits Manager for GIC) login page:


<<Express Scripts Tutorial>>  This site contains information about both prescription out-of-pocket expenses and other medical related out-of-pocket expenses. Even if you have not had a prescription filled this fiscal year all needed information will be available through Express Scripts.

Members receiving Healthcare coverage from plans outside of the GIC are eligible for reimbursement of similar qualifying expenses, provided they have the necessary documentation. The necessary documentation would be a similar summary document that does not contain sensitive medical information (e.g. diagnosis or treatment plans).

Here are the links to the six GIC Healthcare Insurers’ login pages and tutorials to find summary sheets you will need to print and submit with your application if you do not have access to Express Scripts:

  1. Unicare:

         <<UNICARE TUTORIAL>> 

  1. Tufts: (click on Member)

         <<TUFTS TUTORIAL>> 

  1. Fallon:

          <<FALLON TUTORIAL>>

  1. Harvard Pilgrim:


  1. Health New England:

          <<HEALTH NEW ENGLAND>>

  1. AllWays Health Partners (formerly Neighborhood Health Plan):


Much of the documentation required for reimbursement may not be easily available after June 30, 2019 when the GIC plans reset for the next fiscal year. Please keep copies of all submitted materials. Reimbursement requests for Fiscal Year 2019 must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2019. Requests for additional forms or questions should be referred to the Administrator by mail at the address listed below or by email:  Only one request per member per Fiscal Year will be processed.

Submit the completed reimbursement request form and all necessary attachments to:

ADMINISTRATOR of Commonwealth Healthcare Mitigation Plan
Massachusetts/MOSES Health & Welfare Trust
PO Box 8099
Boston, MA 02114

If you did not receive a reimbursement form in the mail and you think you are eligible for benefits, contact the MOSES Office at 617-367-2727 or click the link to download this form 


Email submissions will not be accepted

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