Article V - Nominations and Elections of Officers & Trustees


A.  Candidates shall be nominated at the regular October membership meeting in the even numbered years.  Nominations can be made by any member in good standing.  Candidates must either be present in order to accept nomination, or submit a letter at the nomination meeting stating a willingness to serve.
B.  Candidates must be members of this organization for at least one year immediately preceding the date of nominations and they must not hold office in any other organization of commonwealth employees with similar purpose and objectives.
C.  Candidates shall not run for more than one chair office. Any member elected as a chair officer shall not serve in any other elected office.


A.  The membership shall elect four chair officers; president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, at large, by mailed ballot.
B.  The membership shall elect 35 additional officers from each of the following departments:
Massachusetts Department of Transportation 12
Department of Environmental Protection 6
Department of Public Health 3
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority 3
Department of Labor
Department of Workforce Development
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Fish and Game 1
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Department of Environmental Affairs
Division of Energy Resources
Department of Agricultural Resources
Department of Public Safety
Governor's HIghway Safety Bureau
Department of Fire Services
Chief Medical Examiner's Office
Department of State Police
Department of Mental Health
Department of Developmental Services
Department of Health Finance
Chelsea Soldier's Home
Holyoke Soldier's Home
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Administration and Finance
Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Bureau of State Office Buildings
Department of Housing and Community Development
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Department of Corrections
Department of Revenue
Department of Public Utilities
State Racing Commission and other departments
Active Retiree
Non-Voting Member
C.  All officers shall serve for a two year term.
D.  Officers who change department shall continue to represent that department from which they were elected until the regular biennial election is held.


A.  A committee of five non-candidates shall be appointed by the president, with the approval of the board of directors, no later than the regular July board of directors meeting.
B.  This Election Committee shall take full charge of the elections, including the printing and mailing of ballots, and the counting and tabulating of votes.
C.  The biennial election of these officers shall be by secret mail ballot.


A.  Election procedures shall be approved by a majority of the members in good standing attending a regular general membership meeting and kept by the Secretary as a supplement to this constitution.
B.  The approved election procedures may be modified by a majority of the members attending a previously advertised general membership meeting. Such advertisement must be mailed to every member no later than seven calendar days before said meeting.
C.  Write-in votes shall not be counted.
D.  The Election Committee determines the winners based on a plurality vote of the body being represented.
E.  In the event of a tie vote for any seat, the election will be decided by a majority of the eligible votes cast by secret ballot by all members in good standing, present and voting at the regular December Membership meeting following the election.
F.  A candidate elected as both a Chair Officer and an officer representing a Department will be declared elected to the Chair Office and the candidate with the next highest number of votes for the Department seat shall be declared elected to that seat.
G.  In the event of the death, discharge, resignation of any winning candidate in a contest for a Chair Officer or Trustee seat between the time of nomination and the date of swearing in of officers, the seat shall be declared vacant and a special election by secret mailed ballot shall be conducted to fill the seat.


A.  The Election Committee shall have the election results completed at least ten calendar days prior to the regular December Membership meeting.
B.  A report will be presented by the Election Committee at the regular December General Membership meeting.


Should a candidate claim that there was some breach of the process, he/she can present this claim to the Election Committee for its consideration within 3 days of completion of the counting of votes. Upon review, the committee shall provide the aggrieved party with the Committee’s findings within 3 calendar days.


Those elected to office shall be installed immediately upon the membership's acceptance of the election committee's report on the election at the regular December membership meeting.


A.  An officer whose leadership and action are not seen to inspire confidence, keep members active, benefit the members, serve them as they should be served, to maintain and advance the goals of this organization, or who is accused of malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance, may have charges preferred against him/her and be tried for removal from office.
B.  Removal from office under Section 5A shall be mandated by a two-third's majority vote of the membership present and voting after the indictment has been read and the accused is given full and fair opportunity to reply to the charge(s) at a special meeting, convened for that sole purpose.

C.  The indictment shall be a written document which describes the alleged offense(s), signed by the indictors.  An indictment may be brought by (1) one-third of the membership, (2) two-thirds of the board of directors, (3) unanimous vote of the trustees.
D.  If any officer is absent without good cause from three consecutive meetings of the board of directors, or more than four such meetings within a period of twelve consecutive months, his/her office shall be declared vacant by a majority of the board of directors.


A.  During the temporary absence of any officer, or vacancy of any office, the president, with the approval of the board of directors, may appoint a member in good standing to fill the vacancy pro tem.
B.  On the occasion of the death, discharge, resignation or retirement of any officer of this organization, that office shall be declared vacant.
C.  Vacancies of office, other than the office of president, shall be filled for the remainder of the term by the president, with the approval of the board of directors.
D.  A vacancy in a board of directors seat shall be filled from the department in which the vacancy occurred.